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Cattle on Feed Report Preview   06/20  11:09

Heavier-Weight Cattle Estimate Is Number to Watch in June 1 
Cattle on Feed Report

By ShayLe Stewart
DTN Livestock Analyst

                      USDA Actual   Average Estimate       Range
On Feed June 1                           99.2%       98.3-100.7%
Placed in May                            99.4%       95.0-102.4%
Marketed in May                         100.1%       99.3-101.2%

OMAHA (DTN) -- Friday's Cattle on Feed report isn't expected to 
rattle the market, as the analysts' estimates for the report are 
neutral. What will be important to note is the number of cattle 
on feed, those weighing 1,000 pounds or more.
Given what we've recently seen in the cash cattle market, one is 
led to believe that supplies of market-ready cattle are thin, as 
packers have been incredibly aggressive lately in procuring more 
cattle from the cash sector. But given how many feeders were 
placed early this winter, monitoring the number of heavier-
weight cattle remains crucial, as it could indicate any 
potential swings in leverage for the cash sector. Thankfully, 
showlists are current right now, but monitoring showlists 
through the dog days of summer is vital to understanding the 
market's direction.


USDA will release its June 1 Cattle on Feed report at 2 p.m. CDT 
on Friday.

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